Made by Elton Capani and Entuela Capani



About the project #Reclaimthefuture

Turning our backs on death and welcoming life; let’s enter the carnival. Painting masks. painted eyes, put the fear aside and turn reality upside down for a while.

Carnivals are the celebration of diversity as well as a space where you can escape reality for a while and build your own narrative.

This is creative catharsis and metamorphosis s in a simple context.

Everyone can be in.

Carnival brings people to come together

Carnival is a common ground for blended seeds to grow

Carnival is the space for voicing your dreams

Carnival brings the past to the present

Carnival is a door to a shared future

Five companies around Europe(Outer Hebrides, Sweden, Latvia, France and Portugal) have joined forces to create nomadic carnivals for change.


Reclaim the future is a 2-year European project. In the five cooperating countries, artists and pedagogues have created carnivals on the theme of the future together with local inhabitants.  What do we want to change? What do we want for the future?


The carnivals opens for strong interaction with the local communities in which we work. We have created different meeting places where local experiences and stories blend with international works. We believe art to be a generator of dreams and actions. Therefore have we proposed Reclaim the future as the creation of a common ground where stories of Europe can be voiced and shared. Together with local communities we create carnivals celebrating the local perspectives and join them together to share the experience of contemporary Europe.

Carnival #6 Brussels

Joined forces

Le lac


Our partnership joins the forces of cultural initiatives in the outskirts of Europe, gathered together by our common interest to connect art to civil society and local communities. The last event taking place in Brussels brings everyone together for the final carnival. Here the partners different concepts unifies into a last diverse cultural impulse, as we plan and create the last event together. “Reclaim the Future” emerges from former meetings and collaborations where we identified common needs and a collective wish to work in this direction, using the carnival concept.