La Compagnie des Mers du Nord was born in 1996. It receives residency in Grande-

Synthe, on the North Sea coast. It creates theater performances in contemporary repertory. Since 2004 it created, Le Manifeste, an international gathering where foreign artists work together with local people.




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Carnaval pour rêver l’avenir

happened in Grande-Synthe,

France, on the 13-15 JULY 2018


Reclaim the future in Grande-Synthe

took place in the heart of Le Manifeste.

For a week, All teams and participants had the opportunity to meet the Norwegian, Spanish, Bresilian and Italian artists and to work on

the creation of the parade as well as on other Reclaim the future’s activity.


The carnival in Dunkerque is a very specific event. It takes its roots in the

beginning of the 17th century when Dunkirk was a port servicing cod fishing off

Iceland. These risky expeditions would last six months. Many men never came back.

So, they laid on a feast before braving the sea. Today Dunkirk’s Carnival is still a sacred and untouchable event.


But let's go back in time. Just before the birth of the carnival was a feast named

Les Folies (the madness), a pagan ritual, the ancestor of the carnival. It was our

reference point.


In its aesthetics, our Carnival had the characteristics of a Mystère, with several

stations for the performances and a contemporary Litanie sung by more than 120

participants of all ages.


Performed on the 14th July, the parade’s spirit was the same as today 's

Carnival: abolition of classes, abolition of the privileges and was linked to the 1789

revolution motto "liberty, equality and fraternity".


Differents workshops took place in Grande-Synthe since last November to prepare

this parade. (Song, choreography, text.)


On the last day “Renewing the Piece” – the play exchanged between Rural Nation,

Scottland; and French partner Compagnie des Mers du Nord was presented : Deeds

not Words is the motto that Emmeline Pankhurst adopted in 1903 as a slogan of the

women’s syndicate: Women’s Social and Political Union. Toria Banks’ play, written in 2017 and staged In January 2018 Muriel-Ann Macleod in Stornoway, UK traces the creation of the Suffragettes’ movement in Hebrides.



To see the contents of the lectures and other works happened in the 13, 14, 15

July: Have a look here :