Teatermaskinen is an independent production company, a touring company, a residency, a work space and a platform for life-long learning. We work in cooperation and with participation. We are a Quattro Helix Machine and a place in The Culture Reservation.

Teatermaskinen makes space.




The carnival in Sweden happened the 20-21 JUNE 2017


                   The two days of reclaim the future in Riddarhyttan gathered various people. The partners within                     the project, artists from Europe and the people living in and around Riddarhyttan. Different                               associations from the area participated with their way of reclaiming. The Finnish association                             joined in with classic Finnish music and dance. Children from the culture school of                                          Skinnskatteberg showed their dances and sketches on the theme future. Singing group of                             elderly people sang songs both ones written for the carnival and some classic Swedish songs.                       During the carnival days Muriel Ann Macleod held grass and natural materials sculpture workshop.


The carnival began with a parade for the forest, the parade headed to Teatermaskinen. Through the solstice carnival the participants got the chance to go through the landscape of Teatermaskinen, meeting the buffoons living around in the area. The participants got to listen to their stories about who they are and why they were cast out of society, the participants were invited to join in the different activities and rituals the buffoons had planned for the celebration of the lightest day, the solstice.


The solstice night the workshop ”The Room in Between” was held. To open up the space to new beginnings, musicians Lise-Lotte Norelius, Ewert Ekros and Kenneth Cosimo performed an electro-acoustic set, accompanied by a durational movement installation with Theresa Hupp, Youmni Aboudou a.o.


The first day Teatermaskinen showed the Swedish version of the theatre piece from Portugal in the activity

 ”Artist renewing the piece” – Transmission: Teatermaskinen made it a story about the process of making the carnival from dream to reality. The play ended were the carnival started in Riddarhyttan the 20th of June 2017 at Teatermaskinen.

During these two days of carnival the participants had the possibility to see several exhibitions for example the pictures that has been taken on the people of Skinnskatteberg with a word or sentence of what they want to bring to the future. (You can see the pictures here in the button ”What to bring to the future”) Together all of this created the solstice carnival. An mixture of art, play, dance, songs, music, nature and rituals.


The two carnival days ended with three concerts with local musicians and friends which continued on with music and dance till the late hours of the night.

























Photos by: Lo Engman, Visões Úteis,