The final carnival in Brussels

happened on the

19-22 SEPTEMBER 2018!


The FINAL event in Brussels,

was an beautiful cooperative event

created by the forces of all the partners

combined. We had our French partners

taking the lead of the contacts in Brussels.

They decided together with CIFAS to

collaborate and the Reclaim the future last carnival

was inside of their yearly festival SIGNAL #7 by Cifas

happening in Brussels. SIGNAL is an event to

discuss and discover the complex relations

between art and public space.

GATHERING AT MONT DES ARTS , BRUSSELS before the parade starts

19th and 20th of September


The first days in Brussels was a lot about preparations and meeting all the participants in the project again. Thanks to our collaborations with Le Lac, we had the ability to lend their space for preparations such as meetings and rehearsals. A base camp where we all could meet the mornings and days. It brought us the possibility to make the most out of the time in Brussels thanks to Le Lac! We also had the chance to play some music during the night in there nice space.





So during the days preparations for the parade and in the evenings music and song session from Sweden, Latvia and France.

19th and 20th of September


The first days also included preparations of our big exhibition with all of our Reclaim the future portraits. The building/fixing of the exhibition was a collaboration with all of the participants and partners who had arrived to Brussels. We helped each other out to make the exhibition as beautiful as possible. (You need a lot of hands to put up so many portraits) Thanks to our collaboration with the space Halles de Saint-Géry we had such a perfect space for the exhibition. Halles de Saint-Géry is an exhibition and event space based in the heart of Brussels. The exhibition turned out great!

21st of September


The third day was focused on seminar and workshop at La Ballone. The seminar explored ”key themes that have emerged from the collaboration, examines its successes and failures and seeks to contextualise its theoretical, artistic and political significance”.


Our RECLAIM THE FUTURE researchers: Stephen Collins/University of the West of Scotland (UK) and Michael Gustavsson/Uppsala University (SE), were involved in the discussions and also held the workshop "Defining the Centre - Cultural Experiments in Peripherality”. 

The 22nd of September PARADE DAY















The last day was all about the parade! Reharsals, warming up and getting the costume on in the morning. Before heading out on the streets we had a final peptalk to make the most out of the Brussels Carnival Parade. The parade included a whispering parade with 63 participants walking through the streets and then different stops during. After the parade in the evening, everybody had the chance to take a big breath and just relax for a while. After this we all met for a little party night, celabrating the making of the last carnival together. During the last night we also made time to take down the exhibition together. 


Here is some photos walking through the parade. 


       The start of the whispering parade                                            The first stop with portuguese buffoones














Second stop with French, Belgian, Swedish, Scottish buffoons.           Whispering parade on the streets continued.














Third stop with a performance from the young French group!     Fourth stop with a performance from the Swedish group. 













Last stop of the parade in Halles de Saint-Géry where the exhibition where located and a final performance about the project and process with actors from all the countries.